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  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-turquoise-sequins-594bfad42.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequin-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-black-glitter-sequins-594bfaed1.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-gold-sequins-594bfaf12.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-green-sequins-594bfad71.jpg
  • IRIDESCENT GOLD Glitter Sequin Fabric Material, 2 way stretch / 130cm wide / Sparkling Hologram 3mm Sequins
  • 3mm Mermaid Tail Sequin Fabric - Sparkling Iridescent Green Purple Sequins Fish Scales - 47''/ 120cm wide
  • 3mm Sequin Fabric material - Sparkling Iridescent Pink White Sequins, Pearl Iridescent, Glitter Sequins  - 47''/ 120cm wide
  • 3mm Sequin Fabric material - Sparkling Glitter Hologram Sequins  - 47''/ 120cm wide - IRIDESCENT PURPLE Paillettes
  • 3mm Sequin Fabric - Sparkling Purple Sequins Glitter Pailettes - Wedding Decor Fish Scales Mermaid Tail - 47''/ 120cm wide
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-rainbow-sequins-594bfb265.jpg
  • 3mm Mini sequins Fabric material, 1 way stretch /130cm wide / SPARKLING Raspberry Pink Fuschia SEQUINS
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-red-sequins-594bfa751.jpg
  • 3mm Mini Sequin Fabric material, 2 way stretch /130cm wide / ROYAL BLUE SEQUINS
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-silver-sequins-594bfb391.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-turquoise-sequins-594bfad21.jpg
  • 3mm Mini Sequins Fabric Glitter Material, 2 way stretch / 130cm wide / SPARKLING WHITE SEQUINS
  • 3mm Sequin Fabric material - Sparkling Glitter Sequins  - 47''/ 120cm wide - Matte Pink Paillettes
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-shampagne-sequins-594bfb671.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-grey-sequins-594bfb7d1.jpg
  • 3mm-mini-sequins-fabric-material-1-way-stretch-130cm-wide-sparkling-silver-hologram-sequins-594bfa6d4.jpg
  • 3mm Mini Sequin Fabric Material Glitter Paillettes Sequins, 1 way stretch -130cm wide - MATTE BLACK

3mm Mini Sequin Fabric material 1 way stretch 130cm wide Glitter Sequins




A special and limited fabric is composed of sparkling sequins sewed on a stretch fabric. Use this on apparel, drapes, and home decors. This fabric is perfect for garments and fashion accessory accents. Medium weight and easy to work with. Made from 100% polyester and available in 25 colours

Width: approx. 130cm or 51″
Weight: 240gr2
Sequin Size: 3mm

Any length. If you order multiples, it will be sent as one piece.
Write down the number of meters you need in quantity box provided
(x1 means 1meter, x2 means 2 meters etc)

Care Instructions: Use mild detergent and machine wash low settings. No iron

Colour deviation is unavoidable on computer screens as each computer screen settings vary. Please be aware!

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